Believing Any of These 6 Direct Mail Myths Reveals Your Marketing Knowledge is Worse Than You Think

You know the feeling, right?

Certainly, as consumers, you and I probably agree we’re bombarded on all sides.

But I also imagine that from a marketing or sales view, you’d agree it continues to get harder to be heard by our prospects and Clients, especially when using email or relying on one stale channel.

But there’s something else going on, too: Direct Mail — while laughed at by many — is suddenly becoming cool again.

Have you noticed?

Here’s why, with a little help from our friends at USPS.

Direct Mail’s Resurgence

USPS has conducted research showing that marketing decision-makers in retail, digital commerce, financial services, and telecommunications are using direct mail in ways that differ from the past.

Put another way, this ain’t your daddy’s direct mail.

Marketing decision-makers in retail, digital commerce, financial services, and telecommunications are using direct mail in ways that differ from the past.

In their survey of marketing executives in these companies, they learned how leading organizations are doing unusual things (like integrating direct mail with Facebook), to achieve results that exceed the use of a single channel on its own.

They Think They Know, But They Don’t

While many marketers think they know all the facts about direct mail, the study posits there are 6 myths marketers believe about Direct Mail which are false:

  • Myth 1: Direct Mail has peaked.
  • Myth 2: Direct mail takes weeks to create, design and send.
  • Myth 3: Marketers have stopped relying on mail.
  • Myth 4: Direct mail is ineffective at driving digital actions.
  • Myth 5: Direct mail only penetrates the upper marketing funnel.
  • Myth 6: Mail is siloed and unable to integrate with other channels.

For each myth, they provide data to show why the misconceptions are wrong.

For example, the study found these results (and this is just a snapshot of a few of the metrics shared):

Another stat that will certainly get anyone’s attention is the study’s average response rate: 9%

(OK, via a house list, but still … do you get that kind of response rate with your house email list?  Didn’t think so.)

There’s a lot more data in the report, each serving to bust one of the core myths.

If you want to grab a copy, I’ve included a link at the bottom of this post where you can download it yourself and see the results in full.

Download Now


While your marketing and sales counterparts may snicker at your suggestion to use direct mail, they’ll pay attention when you show them the facts.

Download the white paper now and:

  • Discover the facts that bust the biggest direct mail myths
  • See exactly how direct mail that’s more dynamic can help marketers achieve their goals (and the unusual results achieved by the surveyed respondents)
  • Get proof points about retargeted direct mail, Informed Delivery® notifications, and Informed Visibility® tracking
  • Explore common challenges for integration (along with solutions for each)

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