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Direct Mail and Personalized URL (PURL) Example for TexanCash

See inside a real-life PURL marketing automation campaign used to drive applications for lenders, including the direct mail piece, landing pages, and more. Download now and use these ideas for your next campaign.

Raising Over $6,000,000.00 With One Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

Download now to get the multi-channel marketing strategy and blueprint that raised $6+ million for NC State — while significantly cutting campaign expenses — using Print, Email, Microsites, Facebook, and Twitter.

3 Ways to Connect Direct Mail With Facebook to Increase Leads

100 million+ Americans end their day on Facebook. Do you really think your target market isn’t reachable there? If you haven’t connected your print campaigns to earth’s largest social network, you’re missing a large opportunity. Learn 3 unconventional Facebook tactics that generate more leads & revenue — including step-by-step instructions.

Silicon Publishing Exceeds Expectations at Dscoop Phoenix using BFU Inc.’s Marketing Automation Platform

As a first-time exhibitor in the Ruby Pavilion at Dscoop Phoenix, Silicon Publishing hit a home run in its first at-bat. Download the Case Study now to learn how they did it!

The Future of Direct Mail Is Here and It’s Dynamic

Forget direct mail as you know it. The latest innovations in the industry have made the marketing channel more intelligent, integrated and effective than ever before. 
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